When any room in your house experiences water damage, things can turn ugly quickly. From excess rain to a broken pipe, water damage can wreak havoc on your home and belongings. To minimize the damage, reaction time is critical.

At iReno Canada Restoration & Renovation, water damage restoration is one of our specialties. We take great care to get your house dry and looking better than ever in no time. Here are the four steps we carefully take.

Assess the damage.
Our trained technicians are on call 24/7. That means, when you need help because of water damage, we’re always available.

When we arrive at your house, we start by walking around, examining the scene and asking questions—to make sure we can properly assess all damage and come up with the best solution.

Remove standing water.
Once we come up with a plan, we’ll begin to extract water from your home with our powerful, state-of-the-art equipment.

Our services and equipment allow for quick drying of all surfaces that were damaged by water.

As we restore your home, we take pride in restoring it back to its original condition—before the water damage hit. We work hard to make sure everything is restored in a timely and proper manner.

If water does damage to your home or belongings, look no further than the experts at iReno Canada Restoration & Renovation. Our certified restoration experts are trained to deal with water removal emergencies, and we’ll always contact you within 15 minutes of your initial call. We’ll also advise you about how to minimize the water damage until our crew arrives, which is always in three hours or less.

If you find yourself the unfortunate victim of water damage in your home, don’t fret. Thanks to our four-step water damage restoration process, we got this! Just give us a call at 416-999-8017.

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