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Our Services

Home & Basement

iReno Canada offers complete basement finishing packages from the professional design through the professional cleaning.We include all wall priming, painting of ceilings, baseboards, casing, crown and cove moldings into our basement construction packages High Grade Laminate Flooring is standard in our basement renovations packages.

Drywall Installation

We employ only professional drywall installers and our goal is deliver complete satisfaction to each and every client with the quality of our workmanship and our prompt, reliable service. Our drywall taping techniques will bring a high quality smooth finish, with a level of excellence you will take pride in.


We are committed to providing fully licensed electrician service as part of our standard package. Should you ever require an electrical certificate when you decide to sell your property, we will be happy to provide it to you iReno Canada


Shower, bathroom, or kitchenette tiling will be done by professional tile installers who are employed directly by iReno Canada. A 2 year unlimited warranty is provided to you standard when you finish your basement with iReno Canada

Handyman Service

Our experienced technicians will repair & replace your damaged doors and door locks, faucets, plumbing leaks, hook up washer, dryer and dishwasher, Lock off valves, toilets, toilet pumps & plumbing, painting, replace screen doors and windows etc… and all other general minor repairs.


Our licensed plumbers will ensure that no problem is left unsolved and you can be sure that any drain or other plumbing defects left by the original house builder will be fixed effectively.